We celebrated Hattie's fifth birthday on Saturday, March 2, at Tot Stop, a play space in Arlington (the next town over). There were about 18 kids at the party, not to mention the fifty or so who were just there to play. We had a "party room" upstairs, which (as you can see in the pictures) is surrounded by chain-link fence, so when you're eating your cake and ice cream you can look down at the kids playing.

Lunch was cheese pizza and juice boxes for the kids, followed by (as per Hattie's request) "yellow cake with white frosting and rainbow sprinkles and M&M's on top". I also tracked down a local source for Colorworks M&Ms, so we had purple and pink M&Ms for party favors and cake decoration.

My thanks to all the parents who helped the party run smoothly, especially Madhvi, who kept me company for two hours after the party while Hattie and her daughter, Anisha, continued to play.